A leader’s case for support

The Ivey brand stands for leadership. Its graduates are leaders who bring insight and strategic thinking to everyday business challenges. But more distinctly, they think about business within a larger context. At the critical point, when Ivey’s Business School was launching its $100 million+ capital campaign, they needed an annual report that would inspire a case for support. They invited us to reconceive this vital piece of communication.

Reframing a story within a more meaningful context
Our work The Anatomy of Leadership asks four penetrating questions. Each helps reframe leadership for our times. The questions highlight areas of responsibility that challenge global society as well as the future of business. By moving the conversation to a more critical arena, the design brings greater weight and immediacy to the School’s mission. It underscores the importance of the School in the field of business leadership and ultimately makes a stronger case for support.

“I get to see many annual reports every year from all sorts of industries. I have to say this is one of the best.”

-Dipak K. Rastogi, Chief Executive Officer at Citibank, Singapore

Leadership on Trial

The Ivey Business School is a centre for the research and education of leadership. It maintains a prolific academic and industry publishing enterprise. The School’s book, Leadership on Trial, focuses on leadership during the economic crisis of 2008. This was a high-profile project for the School and it features careful discussion and analysis. Since our annual report, The Anatomy of Leadership, was being published simultaneously, we deliberately tied the design of Leadership on Trial to the annual report.

Leadership on Trial

Book Design