Distilling the magic of camp

Camp Kandalore has a 70-year history as the quintessential Canadian summer camp. Its legacy is anchored in a rich cultural tradition of folklore and Canadiana. But the values of Kandalore are decisively contemporary. Partnering with the leadership of Camp Kandalore, we designed a new website to capture the brand in a way that differentiates it and reflects contemporary values, needs and expectations. Our work began with research. It included in-camp ethnography and hours of interviews with campers, parents, staff and other audiences.

Camp Kandalore


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Tripping is a night sky
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Insights help brands serve people better
Research is invaluable in the creative process. It allows the creative team to gain greater empathy and insight into the cultural context and what is most important for the audience. The insights highlighted a number of simple but important human issues. For example, the pre-camp anxiety felt among some children who anticipated separation from family and familiarity. To temper this natural anxiety, we captured imagery and language that promised inclusivity, safety and friendship. www.kandalore.com

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