Aligning brand communications with corporate culture

The year The Thomson Corporation (now Thomson Reuters) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, they found themselves challenged by a lack of corporate image. Until now, they had merely been a holding company. Going forward they needed a way to showcase themselves as a cohesive brand. Although Thomson was the world’s largest information company, it was also the least known. They didn’t produce a lot of corporate communications materials. And their annual report was the binding document for the company. It served as the only real public face of the corporation.

Thomson Reuters


Annual Report


Real leaders don’t posture

Our approach, was predicated on anthropological and social research. Thomson understood the power of such a foundation, and were prepared for a report that communicated a very different image. We knew we had to provide a definitive position the stakeholders could find affinity with. Rather than having Thomson talk about themselves, we invited three thought leaders in the field to frame the information in the report. Specifically, they spoke to the coming digitizing of the knowledge economy without speaking directly about Thomson. The result allowed readers to see Thomson in a new light. Readers could use their own judgement to find a place for the company, naturally, in the logical space described by the thought leaders.

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