Unlocking business value
by connecting brands to people.

Aegis is a brand design firm harnessing the disciplines of insight, strategy, creativity and technology.

A case for United Way

Event rebrand
lifts engagement

In collaboration with the United Way and The Collective, Aegis has completed a rebrand of a key fundraising event previously known as Climb the CN Tower.

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A case for Kandalore

a youth brand

Getting to the truth of a brand allows it to shine brighter. Led by ethnography, we distilled the magic of Camp Kandalore into a rich digital brand experience.

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A case for Ivey

Putting the
relationship first

Design can strengthen bonds. At the heart of Ivey’s award-winning magazine design has been the School’s genuine commitment to its alumni base.

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— approach

We use a balance of art and science
to design better fit 
between brands and consumers.

Our approach is grounded in an understanding of human behaviour and culture. Anthropology provides us a finer-grained, empathic understanding of audiences. This leads us to innovate and design better interactions between a brand and the people who matter to it.

— practices

Strategic expertise that
creates real business impact.


Sustainable business growth can come from realizing what isn’t there

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Fundraising extends far beyond just the money

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Measured thinking is immeasurable

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Graphic design is only part of the picture

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Discovering the right questions is how you find the right answers

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Creative Partner

We deliver creative that delivers

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